Sexy Nude Girls Smoking Cigarettes - Part 2

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Cigarettes are my Most Effective lubricant

girlzsmoking Cigarettes are my Most Effective lubricant

Contrary to popular belief that smoking is harmful to our health, I bet the health experts did not figure out what smoking does to a horny nymph like me. When I want my pussy dripping wet in seconds, all I need to do is light up a cigarette and start puffing the smoke out as my boobs are being caressed. I love it when I puff it out on his face; it is so erotic it makes my pussy hot and ready for a hot pounding in minutes. A cigarette is the most effective lubricant as it not only makes me hot and wet but also keeps me juicy throughout. You can never go wrong with a cigarette, try it or watch my xxx clips and get to know what I am talking about.

It’s Getting Smokin’ Hot in Here Baby!

girlzsmoking  It’s Getting Smokin’ Hot in Here Baby!
There are no doubts that cigarettes and sex go hand in hand. I love smoking right before I get a real pounding on my tight pussy or hot ass, and immediately after an earth shattering orgasm. As I see the smoke go up in the air, a sense of achievement and satisfaction engulfs me. As of late I have been trying to experiment on new things just to spice up my sex life. The taste and smell of nicotine as someone is drilling my pussy is becoming so erotic I’m finding it hard and irresistible not to have a cigarette in hand during sex. It’s really getting smoking hot in here baby so kindly join me in exploring the world of smoking and sex.

Have a Smoke, then a Fuck, then another Smoke!

girlzsmoking Have a Smoke, then a Fuck, then another Smoke!
Do you like a girl who throws caution to the wind? One who will do something risky or look like a bad girl even when she is fucking? If so, you will love our porn blog! We are constantly adding links to the best porno on the internet that will allow you to see girls taking it up the ass, being pounded in their tight pussies, sucking cock and more—all the while smoking their cigarettes and looking sexy. If you don’t care about things being politically correct and you still find women who smoke sexy, this is the place to be! Why spend your time looking for fetish porn when we have it all here just waiting for you to stroke off with?

Good Girls Really Do Go Bad When Smoking & Sucking Cock

girlzsmoking July Good Girls Really Do Go Bad When Smoking & Sucking Cock
Is it always the bad girls that turn you on and leave you wanting more? If so, you’ll find that a girl who has a tight, pretty pussy with a cigarette in her mouth is a huge turn on. Our blog is dedicated to beauties who like to smoke cigarettes and also like to suck cock and stroke their wet pussies all for your viewing pleasure. Who knew getting a glimpse of a bad girl could be so easy and enjoyable.

There is simply nothing like a babe who smokes while getting her pussy licked, fucked, or holding a cigarette in her hand while she rides your dick or even as she sucks it dry. There is something about a bad girl holding a cigarette while engaging in naughty sex acts that makes even the most straight laced man rock hard. If you like wet pussy, hardcore porn with an edge, and bad girls who like to get dirty—our sexblog will satisfy all of your needs for your dirty deeds!

A Girl’s Smoking Pussy is a 100% Turn On

girlzsmoking june A Girl’s Smoking Pussy is a 100% Turn On
How erotic can it get watching smoke coming from a girl’s pussy? How about watching a girl smoking as she fucks or gets fucked? That is what awaits you at the girlz smoking website. For most men, how a girl holds on a cigarette, inhales, and puffs it in the air tells a lot how she can handle a cock in bed. It shows just how she can ride and pound on a cock while holding it lovingly and caringly in her hands as if her entire life depended on the huge cock.

Most dudes believe that girls who smoke are awesome hot in bed, probably because of the fact that they are daring enough to inhale nicotine in their bodies. To sample some of the best free porn videos on the internet of girls smoking cigarettes, no doubt you have come to the right place. Watch as a girl’s smokes and puffs the smoke inside another’s pussy as she licks the hell out of her vagina.

How about XXX clips of men loving the sweet and indescribable sensation that comes with a smoke-filled blowjob? Just the mere thought of the nicotine-filled smoke on your dick will surely turn you on and make you moan and groan in pleasure. Some girls like to hide cigarettes in their big tits as they await you to undress them, albeit in your imagination, and start to suck their big tits as you hurriedly search for the lighter that will literally light your sexual fantasies and take them to a whole new level.

Girlz love smoking cock!

 Girlz love smoking cock!
Cigarettes and cock go hand in hand. I have an oral fixation like that hot XXX chick Shakira, I want something in it as often as possible. I chain smoke cigarettes like I watch porn and suck cock….excessively. Ladies that are like me are hardcore, we love to fuck with porno movies playing in the background, we are the ones you’re not sure that you want to bring home to meet momma yet, but we’ll fuck your brains out and lick your asshole if you want us to. I’m a real fucking slut who loves free sex and smoking. I light up after I cum, like right after, shit i even like to have my wet pussy eaten while enjoying a Marlboro Light.

Roll it, light it, smoke it after the sex!  Roll it, light it, smoke it after the sex!

The joys of lighting up a cigarette after a great orgasm can’t be discredited, granted that there are better things to light up other than a smoke but that will be for a future entry. We’ll stick to the kinky legal stuff on this round. Now for any non-smokers out there you’re obviously on the wrong site or you like to be with women that are smokers. Now most guys will tell you they would prefer to have their cocks smoked but a cigarette is an okay second option. Sucking back the smoke after cuming hard is one of the best things ever, but you would only know this by being a smoker and or being with a chick who smokes. I just lit up after whacking off to some smoking hot hotties smoking a cigarette.

Would love to smoke some of that Asa…  Would love to smoke some of that Asa…
When I dream of nicotine and the perfect cigarette to smoke and enjoy I could easily envision it being after a romp with a sexy Asian Pornstar like Asa Akira. Her Porn scenes have been pleasing to my cock and senses since I first got a taste of Free Porn and liked it. In my honest and expert opinion Asa makes me want to light up a smoke every time I see her in a XXX scene and I quit smoking over three years ago. I certainly have an oral fixation for Asa and would love to have any one of her body parts in my mouth at all times, especially those gorgeous tits and that pretty looking pink taco. Just thinking about me has me bumming a smoke from my neighbor because I think I need to light one after hearing her orgasm like that. The only thing I wish Asa was smoking is my cock. Anyone that is familiar with her work will tell you that she is smoking when she is smoking and even hotter when she is filming a Sex scene.

Asses and ashtrays  Asses and ashtrays
Let’s be honest here, the best thing after Sex to do is to light up and inhale a nice deep smoked filled breath of smoke, blow it into the air and look down at the sweaty body below you. Yes marveling at the piece of ass that provided that Free Sex orgasm is quite the sight. When you’re able to marvel at the beads of sweat that built up from a passionate tryst and bead down the curves of a body you realize you’re in the best seat in the house. That is what makes Porn type situations like this so memorable is that they’re likely to be etched into it or hover around your psyche like smoke in a closed room, permeate through your skin and make you crave some Free Porn and in this case another cigarette.

Oral Fixation? Smoke On This!

Girlzsmoking Big Tits Oral Fixation? Smoke On This!
Admit it, watching a hot babe, pornstar hot and oozing sex appeal as she slowly brings a cigarette to her mouth, places it on her lips, wraps them around it and then sucks in… make you hard as a rock. Admit it, there is no denying the free sex appeal of it, it is that oral fixation that easily gets correlated into cock sucking and blowjob porn fantasies. Any red blooded male supplants that cigarette with his cock in his fantasies the moment it touches her lips and that is why girlz smoking is so hot, that is why the whole bad girl connotations come from and that is why I only date hot girls who smoke.