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Smoking Hot Pussy Oct 2013 Smoking Hot PussyI think it’s fair to say that most men all enjoy watching some one on one lesbian action. Watching two hot women in the throes of wonton labia love just has a way of making a cock extra hard. Then we you see that she is lighting up a cool cigarette and puffing away on it as her pussy gets eaten makes you want to be the recipient of that blown smoke. Smoking hot pussy beating eaten is just marvelous to watch and fap off to.

Blow On Me And Blow Me Aug 2013 Blow On Me And Blow MeHaving smoke blown on your cock while your girlfriend or fuck buddy is performing an expertly performed blowjob is always a nice kinky way to end or begin your day depending on how you like to end or start things. I love when my girlfriend spits on my cock, takes a deep puff and then takes my cock in her mouth as she exhales smoke form her nose. I think its super hot when she does. Even more so when she swallows every last drop of my man juice.

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If you are a smoker, then it’s hard to not want a smoke after an orgasm. Sometimes you even want it when you are fucking but mostly it’s the cherry on top after you have been thoroughly satisfied and satiated. My ex loved to blow warm smoke on my cock when she would blow me and it always had this crazy effect on it. I loved to take pics of it for those times I hooked up with non-smokers who wouldn’t blow smoke on my cock. They still come in very handy. july 2013 Blow Smoke On Me When Blowing Me

Sucking Back Smoke And Cum june 2013 Sucking Back Smoke And Cum I love that after sex feeling when you know nothing can improve the moment except for a cigarette and a hot woman to share it with. I love lighting up after sex and specifically after I cum, especially if it was a good fucking. I took this pic of my Asian fuck buddy since she had a man and I was in a relationship so we were each other’s best distraction when we felt like being naughty and then lighting up something to smoke. We try to hook up at least once a week to play together and have been for a while now.

Cigarettes n’ Sex may 2013 Cigarettes n’ Sex There is no feeling better than a cigarette after a hot sex session. However, this is also the case when having sex, if you can fit in a few quick puffs while you receive some oral pleasure it just heightens the experience. It’s even hotter when you get to have some crisp cool smoke blown on you while you’re receiving some head. Looks let’s face it smoking and sex go very well together it’s a wonder why they don’t sell condoms and smokes in the same box. This pic just makes me want to cum and light up afterwards.

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Cigarettes are almost synonymous with sex in one way or another. Sometimes the urge for one is during the act of sex, who can really fight the oral fixation? My girlfriend likes to light up, and then go straight for my cock while she sucks back some smoke. She even likes to deep throat while the smoke comes out of her nose. I know that she likes to always have something in her mouth so I try to keep my big cock there as often as humanly possible. You should try it next time your GF blows your cock if she is a smoker, she can smoke your salami while she is at it.

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As long as I can remember, I have been attracted to the typical “bad girl”. The girl who doesn’t care what society says or what people think of her. A girl with a beer and a cigarette in her hand is always hot. I’ve been so turned on by women who will lay in bed, completely naked, and smoke a cigarette or two. I know that this is not the most common fetish, but it is one that allows me to get off with ease. I always get turned on when I come here and get to see women smoke completely naked and if they are masturbating, that’s even better! When I need to relive some pressure, I’ll come here and check out the new girls taking a puff while getting off—it always does the trick!

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I like bad girls. I have always been attracted to women who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty, and so a girl with a cigarette in her hand has always been a turn on. The only thing better? A girl who likes to get naked and smoke! I always get hard when I visit this site because the pornstars are HOT and the fact that they smoke as they get fucked or while they masturbate is amazingly arousing to me. When I am hard up and need a turn on, I always go to and tend to check back regularly since there are always new additions to get off to!

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girlzsmoking Fusing Smoking Fantasies with real Sex!
What can be more erotic than seeing a busty babe suck the smoke out of a cigarette and exhale it right onto your dick? If most dudes were asked point blank, they would say this is a surefire way of getting blood rushing into their cocks fast. It is so arousing to watch a sexy chick smoke and inhale in between fucks. If this doesn’t make you cum a massive load, then wait till you get a deep smoky blowjob. Or, a powerful massage on your throbbing cock with a little tobacco smoke to dress it up. I personally love getting fucked with a cigarette in my hand; it is simply the epitome of what perfect sex is for me.

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girlzsmoking A Smoking Deepthroat Blowjob from My Dedicated Wifey
What I love most is to have a buxom lady in my life who smokes… too bad my wife is pregnant now with our first baby and we cannot take chances. She used to give me a smoking hot deep throat blowjob and suck on a cigar right afterwards. What’s hotter than that?!! She even swallowed my cum everytime too. Just imagine having your cock sucked with some minty menthol taste emanating from an eager mouth? Actually, just the thought of it makes my dick so erect I wish I could get a smoking BJ right now. My busty babe was a chain smoker, puffing all over my shaft and balls with glee. Oh how I miss it and want my child to be born quickly so my dedicated wifey can get back to business.